About Gazi University Faculty of Law

Gazi Law”, taking pride in bearing Atatürk’s name who carried out the Legal Revolution, aims at training jurists who respect humanistic values, who can think in investigative and analytic ways with an ability to have free and scientific thinking, who can act as leaders in the community in changing global circumstances and who help achieving justice by reaching to, creating and sharing knowledge.

Gazi Law” is established by the article 3 of Statute no 3837 (date 3/7/1992) in 1992, and commenced education in 1994 by accepting 45 students in 1994. Our alumni are not only working in fundamental legal positions like lawyers, judges and public attorneys but also employed as provincial district governors, as specialists, inspectors and advisors in public agencies and as professors or research assistants in universities.

Around 550 new students are accepted every year and the classes are carried out in either two or three divisions for four-year undergraduate education. This is a relatively low number compared to many other Faculties of Law. Since the students in Gazi University Faculty of Law attend classes that are not over populated, they can easily communicate with their professors and this gives them a unique advantage.

Getting Accepted to Faculty of Law: Faculty of Law accepts candidates who have attended to the centralized university entrance exam according to Turkish-Mathematics 2 scores. In 2014 entrance exam, highest and lowest scoresobtained by our students were 487,203 and 431,902 respectively and a total of 550 new students were enrolled to our Faculty in 2014. Beside YGS (centralized university entrance exam), our Faculty also accepts undergraduate students by YÖS (Exam for Foreign Students) and TCS (Exam for Students from Turkic States and Relative Communities) as well as DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam).

Undergraduate Education: Curriculum of four-year undergraduate program aims at giving basic and fundamental knowledge in legal education. In this context, students are required to take classes on fundamental subjects of private and public law as well as specific elective courses on various subjects for specialization. 

Student Mobility Programs: Gazi University, by taking an active role on participation of Turkish Universities in EU educational programs, implemented Erasmus (and Erasmus+ since 2014) program that gives students and lecturers mobility between European Universities. For full compliance, curriculums of faculties were amended to be compatible with the curriculums of European Universities and the classes are converted from year-round courses to semester courses in Faculty of Law. Faculty of Law also participates similar domestic programs such as Farabi and Mevlana.click Here click Here

Erasmus+ Program: Our Faculty is currently in bilateral agreements with universities in  Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Lithuania and Finland for Erasmus+ Program. The mobility has begun in 2004-05 education year with our students and lecturers leaving for various countries (UK, Spain, Italy, Finland) and student and lecturers from said countries arriving in our University. First student from Faculty of Law attended to this program has spent 2004-05 education year in a Faculty of Law in Spain. Erasmus Coordinator for Faculty of Law is Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Göksu and assistant coordinators are Res. Assist. Fahri Erdem Kaşak and Res. Assist. Mustafa Alper Ener. click Here

Graduate Education: Graduates of Faculties of Law may continue their education by attending to our Master’s and Doctorate Degrees programs provided they have required qualifications. For more information on these programs please click HERE.

Faculty Staff: All courses in our Faculty are given by professors specialized in their respective fields.  Faculty staff consists of 16 full professors, 12 associate professors, 12 assistant professors and 81 research assistants of which 35 are assigned from various universities in accordance with article 35 of Statute no 2547 for graduate education from our Faculty. Besides these, various professors and lecturers are assigned from University’s other Faculties for courses on other fields and technical subjects. Our members of staff, who have shown numerous achievements, are not only lecturing at our Faculty but also offer their services for different public and private agencies and organizations.

Scholarships: Our students are offered scholarships by Prime Ministry, Turkish Education Foundation and Agency for Student Loans and Dormitories.

Dining and Student Cafeteria: There is a dining hall available to our students and staff, which is shared with Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. This facility provides healthy and affordable four-course meals in a hygienic environment under the supervision of an expert dietician every weekday.

There is also a cafeteria for the students for getting together furnished in modern sense. This large cafeteria is open every weekday for at least twelve hours a day.

Student Communities: There are currently six student communities active in our Faculty. These Communities consist of, Nature Photography Community, Law and Idea Community, Chess Community, Music Community, International Law Community and Model UN Community. Our administration provides every possible support to encourage these extracurricular activities, knowing the fact that these activities are essential for the students to ease their minds from the pressure of the intensive curriculum and also to become social members of community. Activities organized by Student Communities are supported by the faculty. We organize panels, conferences, theater plays, folklore shows and music concerts throughout the year.

Reading Room and Internet: There is a reading room in Faculty for the students in order to study in a silent environment. Our University Central Library which is one of the largest libraries in Ankara is at the service of our students. There is also an internet room where the students can access the internet free of charge. Our Faculty has subscribed to important legal databases for our students and staff members to carry out researches. These databases are, Academic Search Complete

• Beck-Online (in German)

• Directory of open access journals

• Elsevier E-Books

• Green file

• Heinonline

• Hukuk Türk

• Humanities International Complete

• Oxford journals online

• Wiley Interscience and Westlaw International.

Security and Location: Our faculty provides a safe environment for the students. There have been no security issues near the vicinity of the school. Gazi University's Law School is located in Ankara's one of most convenient spots. Across the entrance of the faculty, Beşevler station of Ankaray (part of Ankara Underground Transportation) is located. It takes about fifteen minutes to downtown by Ankaray. It is also possible to reach all parts of city within short time by other public transportation vehicles.

Accomplishments of Our Faculty: The graduates of Gazi University Faculty of Law, which has proved its accomplishments in numerous occasions, receive very high success rates in Judgeship and Public Attorneyship Entrance Exams.